Terms of Use

Terms of Use

1. By using the features of ActusBid, registering as a Collector or as an Auctioneer; you agree to our Terms of Use.

2. The information you share with us is strictly confidential. We will do our best to safeguard every piece of it. We reserve the right to share your information only if and when required by law enforcement.

3. As a Collector, your information will be shared with the Auctioneer only if you bid for one of the items of that Auctioneer.

4. We may restrict or terminate your right to use the site.

5. Registered users are advised to safeguard their usernames and passwords. Please contact us immediately if you think any one of these is compromised.

6. Note that the accessibility and accuracy of this site depend on our discretion. We may choose to change features, tabs, categories or shut down the site without prior notification.

7. You may not use the content in this site on other sites in the form of display or mirroring. We will take legal action if the contents within our site is replicated, mirrored or displayed without permission from ActusBid.

8. ActusBid takes no responsibility for the failure or fraud of the Auctioneer or the Collector. As a platform, ActusBid refrains from guaranteeing the authenticity of the products sold by Auctioneers. ActusBid is not an intermediary for any transaction but is rather a facilitator to increase the visibility of the Auctioneer and eligibility of the collector.

9. Any bid sent through ActusBid will be passed directly to the Auctioneer. We take no responsibility for acceptance or the process following the bidding. This relationship is governed completely by the Collector and the Auctioneer. The rules of the Auctioneer set the base of the legal framework for transactions.

10. ActusBid reserves the right to change the Terms of Use.

Terms of Use - dated 01 November 2019.