Here is a step by step explanation on how you can use ActusBid to expand your collection through one portal and one registration. We made it as simple as we can for you please go through the steps and reachout to us if you have any more questions.

Step 1

Discover Exciting Items

Once you complete Registering and verify your phone number and e-mail, scan through auction from different categories across geographies and find items relevant to your liking and to your collection. Go to our archive and see the previously auctioned prices of the products. By creating alarms in your dashboard, get email notifications when the items you are looking for are uploaded in a new auction.

Step 2

Send Your Bids Online

Once you find an item to bid, simply write down the amount you want to bid to the space provided under and add it to your shopping cart. Note that all bids are rezerve bids. This means you submit the top price you would pay for the item. Let's say the starting bid of an item is $25 and the estimate price is $125. Let's also say you would like to pay max $140. This is the amount you should submit while bidding. If there are no other bidders, you will win the lot at $25 despite your rezerve $140 bid. If others bid higher, your bid will automatically be increased above the other bidders price with the auctions incremental rules up until $140 - which is your top price (Rezerve Bid). Incrementals for each auction might be different please check each auction detail for the incrementals.

Step 3

Approve Your Basket

Once you are done with bidding, go to your shopping cart and take one last look at the items and your bids. If all looks good, hit ‘approve cart’ and we will automatically send your bids to the relevant Auction houses along with your details. We will send you an e-mail in the next 48 hours regarding the Auction Houses’ decision to accept or reject your bids. You can also track the status of your bids in your ActusBid Panel (Located under the drop down menu on the right top where your name is). If your bid or bids are rejected, simply go back and bid higher for the items you are rejected.

Step 4

Win The Items!

At the end of the Auction date, the Auction house will notify you of the winning bids via email or phone and give you the details for payment and ask for the delivery details.

Do You Have Questions ?

We are here for you to answer your questions.