Frequently Asked Questions

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Does ActusBid take commission from my bids and purchases?

NO. We do not charge any fees and commissions on your bids and purchases.

How do you protect my personal information?

All your personal data is stored safely in our cloud based servers in London encrypted. We share your name, number, e-mail and your ID number (if provided) with the Auction house you send a bıd to. Note that we do not request your Credit Card details at any point. Privacy Policy

What is a Rezerve Bid?

This means you submit the top price you would pay for the item. Let's say the starting bid of an item is $25 and the estimate price is $125. Let's also say you would like to pay max $140. This is the amount you should submit while bidding. If there are no other bidders, you will win the lot at $25 despite your rezerve $140 bid. If others bid higher, your bid will automatically be increased above the other bidders price with the auctions incremental rules up until $140 - which is your top price (Rezerve Bid). Incrementals for each auction might be different please check each auction detail for the incrementals. How it Works - Collectors

My bid was rejected, what should I do?

This means that your bid price is lower than the last bid provided for the item. Please enter a higher bid and resend.

I can’t find the item I am looking for in the Archives?

There are hundreds of thousands of products in our archive, but if you cannot find the products you are looking for, the product of the related category and query may not be in our archive yet. Or you can change your search query.

How do I set an alarm for a product I am looking for?

Please go to your dashboard and click on Alerts. Add the name and a few credentials of the item and select the times you want to receive an e-mail regarding the search result of this item during the week. Alerts

How do I change my password?

Go to your dashboard to change your password (Change Password). If you have forgotten your password, simply click on reset password during login.